Tax Law Degrees for Non-Lawyers

Many are choosing to leave their current careers and pursue advanced professional opportunities in fields that are growing in demand due to today’s economic climate. While leaving your current job may pose financial uncertainty and require you to return to school, choosing the right career path can make the change worth it.

When it comes to choosing an industry for your career change, the field of law is always in high demand. Tax law, specifically, is experiencing a growing need for new professionals. From private clients to business taxation, the field offers a variety of career opportunities for those with and without law experience. Many careers in this field can be attained through tax law degrees for non-lawyers.

Non-law professionals wanting to transition to tax law and lawyers seeking to move into business positions can achieve their goals with the right education. Explore alternative legal careers and understand your options for tax law degrees for non-lawyers before planning the next step in your career.

Master of Tax Law (MT)
Average time for completion: 2 years

Designed for individuals striving to enter the field of tax law in non-lawyer positions, the Master of Tax Law (MT) opens the doors to countless alternative legal careers and business opportunities within the field of taxation. Many who pursue this graduate degree have previously earned a bachelor’s degree in business, finance or accounting. The MT is a tax law degree for non-lawyers that builds on an individual’s prior education of the legal system and/or accounting. Graduates complete the program prepared to apply their advanced knowledge of the law to the professional field of taxation.

With professional tax law expertise, MT graduates have the credential to pursue a variety of the field’s most in-demand careers, including the role of a financial adviser. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of financial adviser positions in the United States is increasing at a pace of 7% a year, which is faster than the national average industry growth rate. Just one of the many careers that business and accounting professionals can attain with a tax law degree, this role requires no prior legal experience or a Juris Doctor (JD) and can typically be completed in two years.

Career Outcomes:

  • Financial adviser
  • Accounting firm tax consultant
  • Trust adviser
  • Certified public accountant (CPA)
  • Tax consultant
  • Chief tax director

Master of Taxation
Average time for completion: 2 years

With a strong focus on the accounting element of tax law, the Master of Taxation degree prepares individuals for tax accounting careers in business. This type of tax degree for non-lawyers is similar to the Master of Accounting, as it provides essential accounting skills for diverse careers in finance. However, unlike an accounting degree, the Master of Taxation exhibits a laser focus on tax application and does not directly prepare students to become licensed accountants in their states through the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam. In addition, this program prepares graduates for careers in tax preparation, compliance and advising.

Designed for individuals wanting to move into the field of accounting without becoming a CPA, this tax degree for non-lawyers can be completed in two years and produces graduates who are credentialed for diverse lucrative careers, including the role of a financial manager. The BLS reported the median annual salary for professionals in this position was $129,890 in 2019, and the field is experiencing a steady growth rate of 16%.

Career Outcomes:

  • Financial manager
  • Senior tax manager
  • Tax director
  • Financial controller
  • Tax analyst
  • Tax supervisor
  • Senior tax associate
  • Chief financial officer

Which Tax Law Degree is Right for You?

Choosing the right tax law degree for non-lawyers can help you enhance your accounting or business career with tax planning and dispute-resolution skills. The Master of Tax Law from Loyola Law School (LLS) is designed to help you accomplish your professional goals while learning from educators with extensive experience in tax law. Created for working business, accounting and finance professionals without a law degree, the MT from LLS exposes students to the fundamentals and nuances of tax law to ensure you graduate with the expertise to succeed in your chosen career. The program is available through an interactive learning environment that offers custom-built courses and flexible schedule options that provide the freedom to complete your education on your time.

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